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Tips & Tricks I have picked up on my travels...

What's in my camera bag you are wondering?? Let me tell ya!

My gear:

Canon 7D
50 1.4 prime

35 1.4 prime
100 mm macro
27-125 mm
Speedlite 580EX II

Blankets galore
Multiple baskets
Different color rugs
Hats, headbands
Tutus, rompbers, ties

Wondering how I cull/edit my images? 

-I cull in Adobe Bridge & edit in Photoshop. I use a mix of some of my favorite actions (Oh So Posh Actions & Erin Tole Photography Presets) & hand edits to get the desired effect. 

From my experience in shooting newborns, children of all ages, engaged couples, maternity, large families, weddings, & headshots, I have learned a thing or two! I have found that the best way to approach is a shoot is with total confidence. If need be, fake it 'til ya make it! As a photographer, you need to be outgoing and have the ability to laugh at yourself. You need to be a bit of an entertainer while shooting. How do I get kids to smile? I quickly find out their interests, ask tons of questions and get them excited. When in doubt, ask them to say something silly like "Spaghetti on your head!!" The sillier, the better & it puts everyone at ease. With engaged couples, I ask tons of questions about the details of their wedding. I tell them that it's totally okay that they are about to make out in front of me for about an hour. I get reactions out of the couple by saying the most absurd things. As a photographer, you need to walk the line of a new fast friend & a professional. Always be super professional & approachable! Even if you are so stressed- take a deep breath. Remember this is supposed to be fun. Go with the flow! Prepare, but if the plan flies out the window, let it be & let your creative juices flow!

Newborn photography is my absolute favorite but is the most work. It's so vital to have a heavy duty heater & hand sanitizer handy! The shoot can be long, messy & potentially full of crying, but keep cool & your positive calming energy will greatly affect the baby. I use a large bean bag as the base, with tons of blankets on top to pose each little baby. I wash everything using laundry detergent for babies to ensure the absolute softest & cleanest fabric. As for lighting, I don't ever use a flash while shooting newborns, too harsh & almost blinding. I try to use as much natural light as possible, sometimes with a little bit of a balanced help from a large softbox light.

The online photography community is pretty great and full of tips! I am inspired by so many wonderful photographers out there and continue to learn by getting out there & shooting- so go on, get up- grab your camera & make some memories. 

© 2015 Kate Marie Warch Photography. All rights reserved.                                     Located in Oyster Bay, NY

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