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Tori + Joe

Another Fairfield University couple in the books for KMWP! I met Tori & Joe at a beach in Fairfield for a January sunrise session! It may have been a little cold but these two were troopers. Here's a little preview of my favorites!

^^ If we are shooting and I see seagrass, there is a 100% chance I will ask you to sit in the middle of it :)

Go Stags!!

Tori & Joe

Where they met:: Fairfield University (Seagrape) September 2012

How he proposed in Tori's words:: I was going to Fairfield School of Nursing open house for the Nurse Anesthesia program and he asked to come for the ride and suggested to get lunch afterwards. He picked me up from the open house and asked to stop at the beach on the way to lunch since we always make it a point to go back to our old stomping grounds when we are in town. While walking on the beach I turned to my right to see a blanket, pillows, champagne and pictures of us from college. My first response, "NO way this is what I think it is?!" and with that he asked me to Marry him.

Her in 5 words:: Beautiful, caring, intelligent, persevering and selfless

Him in 5 words:: Warmhearted, hard working, chivalrous, genuine and committed

His hometown: Brewster, NY

Her hometown: Flourtown, PA

His occupation: IT Manager

Her occupation: Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Nurse anticipating to start Nurse Anesthesia School at Yale in May, 2017

Wedding date: October 14th, 2017

Congrats Tori & Joe!!!!

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