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Lynley + Daniel

These two are just the sweetest. Their beautiful backyard wedding was filled with so much love, laughter and celebration! Lynley and I went to Fairfield University together and worked on some media projects together (Go Stags! Ham Channel flashback!) Was so nice to reconnect and capture these moments for her. Here's just a small sample of their big day!

^Handsome groom

^That little boy is SO LOVED already.

^My favorite getting ready shot!

^Show off that bling, girl!


Sister Sister Sister <3

^ If there is a toddler somewhere that I have a camera, there is a 100% chance I will grab a portrait of him or her.

Something SO SWEET about having their first dance in the living room. One big sing-along, swaying together.

The whole gang!

^The only shot requested by Lynley's father. Think we nailed it! ;)

Congratulations Lynley & Daniel! I wish you a lifetime of happiness! xoxox

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